System for Integrated modeLling of Atmospheric coMposition

Air Quality Forecasts

4-days forecasts of Air Quality over Globe, Europe, Northern Europe, and South-East Asia.

The set of substances, which forecasted concentrations, total column loads, and depositions are shown, includes SO2, NO, NO2, O3, PM2.5, and PM10.

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Wild-land Fire Smoke Forecasts

5-days forecasts of distribution of a smoke from wild-land fires over Globe.

The forecasts of fine smoke particles (PM2.5, up to 2.5 μm), use near-real-time satellite observations of Temperature Anomaly and Fire Radiative Power processed by IS4FIRES.

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Allergenic Pollen Forecasts

5-days forecasts of pollen distribution over Europe and Northern Europe

The forecasted species include birch, grass, olive, and ragweed pollen, as well as characteristics of the allergenic season. In co-operation with European Aeroallergen Network EAN.

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General Information

SILAM is a global-to-meso-scale dispersion model developed for atmospheric composition, air quality, and emergency decision support applications, as well as for inverse dispersion problem solution.

The model incorporates both Eulerian and Lagrangian transport routines, 8 chemico-physical transformation modules (basic acid chemistry and secondary aerosol formation, ozone formation in the troposphere and the stratosphere, radioactive decay, aerosol dynamics in the air, pollen transformations), 3- and 4-dimensional variational, and Ensemble Kalman filter and smoother data assimilation modules.

SILAM source terms include point- and area- source inventories, sea salt, wind-blown dust, natural pollen, natural volatile organic compounds, nuclear explosion, as well as interfaces to ship emission system STEAM and fire information system IS4FRIES.

SILAM is an open-code system, available from GitHub, FMI section .

Forecast evaluation

Comparison of the recent forecasts with actual measurement data.

Contact us

Model development and applications, user support: Mikhail Sofiev, Rostislav Kouznetsov

Head of Modelling group of Atmospheric Composition Department: Ari Karppinen

Mailing: first_name.last_name (at)