SILAM v.4.5.1 air quality forecasts for Finland and Baltic States



Welcome to test SILAM v.4.5 air quality forecasts site!

We present concentrations and depositions for the whole Europe with 0.2degree spatial resolution and 1 hour time step. At the top of the pictures, the time of last-assimilated observational meteorological information is shown (usually a last 00-time UTC).

Maps are presented in two forms: (i) as 54-hour-long mouse-controlled animations for the 00-analysis time and (ii) as sets of still maps of all species grouped for specific forecasting length

The set of substances, which concentrations (upper figures) and depositions (lower figures) are forecasted, includes (or will include shortly) the agreed set of species in GEMS-RAQ:

- sulphur oxides SO2

- nitrogen oxides NO, NO2

- ozone O3

- carbon monoxide CO

- fine particles smaller than 2.5 m PM 2.5, total particles smaller than 10 m PPM 10

NOTE: these particles do not sum-up to a full aerosol contamination. Species, such as secondary inorganic and organic aerosols and wind-blown desert dust, are to be included to obtain a complete budget.

Input information and presentation of the results

Anthropogenic emission data are taken from the GEMS-TNO dataset and currently represent 2003.

Meteorological information is taken from FMI weather forecasting model HIRLAM, which is used as a downscaling tool for ECMWF IFS forecasts.

The results of the forecasting are presented in absolute units shown at the top of each picture.


Current products are created for scientific use only and target exclusively research purposes. Neither quality nor completeness of the presented information is guaranteed and the data producers do not accept any responsibility for its correctness and timeliness.


Mikhail Sofiev (mikhail.sofiev (at)