SILAM v.5.7/5.8

System for Integrated modeLling of Atmospheric coMposition

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Current products are created for scientific use only. Neither quality nor completeness of the presented information is guaranteed and the data producers do not accept any responsibility for its correctness and timeliness.

General Information

The Air Quality, fire smoke, and pollen forecasts are computed with Eulerian dispersion kernel, corresponding source terms and physico-chemical transformation modules .

The presented information includes concentrations and deposition, as well as characaterisitcs of the flowering season (for natural allergenic pollen). Units are provided for each species and parameter at the top of the figures.

Input information includes anthropogenic emission from TNO-MACC data set, IS4FIRES information on wild-land fires, as well as embedded emission computations for sea salt, pollen, wind-bloan dust, and natural volatile organic compounds

SILAM is an open-code system and free for research applications. Contact us to obtain the model.