SILAM v.5.7

System for Integrated modeLling of Atmospheric coMposition

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Not suitable for clinical trials.

Current products are unverified model forecasts, created for scientific use only. Neither quality nor completeness of the presented information is guaranteed and the data producers do not accept any responsibility for its correctness and timeliness.

General Information - POLLEN

At these pages, we present concentrations and characteristics of the season of allergenic species over Europe with 10km spatial resolution and 1 hour time step.

At the top of the pictures, the time of last-assimilated observational meteorological information is shown (usually a last 00-time UTC).

The forecasted species include alder, birch, grass, olive, and ragweed pollen. The results of the forecasting are presented in absolute units shown at the top of each picture.

Emission for pollen is embedded in SILAM core functionality.

SILAM is an open-code system and free for research applications. Contact us to obtain the model.